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Athlete Performance Training

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Athlete Performance Training


I) Our Coaching Philosophy: 

*TRUST is the cornerstone of any successful coach-athlete relationship. TRUST is the single most important element we embody as a coaching staff at Compete. When an athlete joins our community they are making a very real decision to put their HEALTH and DEVELOPMENT in the hands of our coaching staff.  This is something we will never take for granted and we promise to give everything we have to the individual development to each and everyone of our athletes.

II) Our Coaching Approach: 

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Our training strategies are customized to each individual athlete, which is determined by the athlete's injury history, previous training experience, overall ability as well as their long term and short term goals.

We have TWO main goals in athletic development: 

1. Technical Development - Physical Development

2. Tactical Development - Personal Development  

I. Technical Development - Physical Development

(Predicated on above factors as well which season the athlete is in)

*Pre-Season & Off-Season Athletes: 3x or 4x week Training

*In-Season Athletes: 1x or 2x week Training

Training Includes:
A. Technical Development - Physical Development
  1. Injury Resilience  (Pre-Injury Screening, At-Home Body Care Program, Mobility/Stability/Balance Training)
  2. Speed & Agility Development (3-4x week of intense speed training, may vary per season)
  3. Strength & Power Training (2-3x week of strength training, may vary per sport/season)
  4. Conditioning (determined by athlete's overall practice schedule, sport, and goals)   
  5. Nutrition Programming (by certified nutrition coaches)
B. Tactical Development - Personal Development
  1. Advanced Goal Setting Strategies (Outcome versus Process-based Goal, Identifying barriers to goal achievement, and creating a plan)
  2. Time Management Strategies - Balancing School, Practices, Skills Sessions, Tutors, Individual Practices, etc
  3. Motivation versus Discipline - Creating a mindset and structure necessary to succeed at the highest levels
  4. Nutrition Strategies...we consider this to be a behavior science and we help our athletes create strategies to optimize their nutrition.


*Pre-Season & Off-Season Athletes: 3x or 4x week Training

*In-Season Athletes: 1x or 2x week Training

1) Private Group Training

*Most Popular*

  • Limited spots available (waitlists are common practice in Fall, Winter, and Summer months)
  • For rates, registration, and inquiries please contact us at (or using the form below)
  • WHO: College, High School, and Foundations (Youth) ...athlete groups are determined by age/ability
  • WHEN: Seasonal Sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer ...Start/End dates usually align with High School & College sport schedules.

College Athletes: Winter/Summer Breaks (Group times as early as 6am and as late at 5pm) + Saturday Mornings

High School Athletes:  Fall/Winter/Spring (3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm) ; Summer (as early as 6am and as late as 5pm), + Saturday Mornings

Foundations (Youth): Fall/Winter/Spring (6:30pm); Summer (TBA)

***Check social media or inquire below for exact dates/times/available**

2) Individual Training

  • Great option for athletes with unique needs (ie, Return to sport & rehabbing athletes)
  • For rates, registration, and inquiries please contact us at (or using the form below)

3) Team Training - Give your team the competitive edge it deserves

  • Current Clients include:  Harvard Women's Lacrosse, Elite Club Soccer Teams, High School Lacrosse teams
  • Available to Clubs, High Schools, Colleges
  • For rates, registration, and inquiries please contact us at (or using the form below)
  • Services: 

              Team Speed Training *Most Popular*

               Team Strength Training

               Team Injury Prevention

               Team Development Consulting: Nutrition Coaching, Goal Orientation, Prep & Recovery Systems

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